Puyanawa village in Acre celebrates the conclusion of workshops of the School of Community Networks in the Amazon

The workshop held in the Puyanawa Village in the far west of the state of Acre, interior of Mancio Lima, was the last of seven field actions carried out in territories of the Legal Amazon. The next stage of the international program Connecting the Disconnected, which in Brazil is led by the Projeto Saude e Alegre, includes classes and training for students from seven institutions 

Indigenous people communicate through community radio installed by Saúde e Alegria

Located in the Tapajós Arapiuns Extractive Reserve, the Solimões village started broadcasting information during local programming with community news, music, and bulletins. The region is part of the Connecting the Disconnected project, which in Brazil is carried out by Saúde e Alegria and encompasses five countries coordinated by the Association for Progressive Communications.

Anthill in Amazonas, participates in immersion in Community Networks 

The workshop held in Vila de Lindoia, municipality of Itacoatiara in the State of Amazonas, Am-010, Km 182, bordering the Urubu River, brought together twelve participants associated with the Formigueiro Group from Vila de Lindóia, Sâo José, Colônia Nova Vida, São Geraldo, Rio Urubu, and Azafan. The region is the fifth of seven to host the team from the international formation program that, in Brazil, is led by the Projeto Saúde e Alegria

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