Learn about the organizational structure of PSA, including management of resources, legal structure, developed projects and agreements, its networks, partners and investors.

Saúde e Alegria (PSA) is the operational name of the initiative executed by the Center for Advanced Studies on Social and Environmental Promotion (CEAPS), a non-profit civil institution founded in 1985:

  • Recognized as an Entity of Municipal Public Utility– Law n. 16.902/2001 – Santarém (PA).
  • Recognized as an Entity of Federal Public Utility – Ordinance 266 of the Ministry of Justice, published in the Diário Oficial da União on 03/03/2006.
  • Registered in the National Social Assistance Council (Brasília – Federal District) – Resolution n. 174, published in the Diário Oficial da União em 18/11/1998.


  • General Assembly – this is the entity’s sovereign body, comprised of all partners in full exercise of their rights, which meets annually and holds extraordinary meetings when needed to deliberate on all matters within its competence;
  • Executive Board – formed by four members (a President, a Vice-president, a Secretary and a Treasurer) and their respective alternates, elected at the General Assembly, with four-year terms; the Board meets regularly to deliberate on all matters within its competence;
  • Board of Auditors – formed by three members and their respective alternates, elected at the General Assembly and who are not members of the Executive Board, with four-year terms; the Board of Auditors meets at least once a year to audit the actions of the Executive Board, financial statements, accounts and respective agreements.

In accordance with CEAPS statutory procedures and deliberative bodies, the Executive Board is responsible for appointing PSA General Coordinators – whose powers are delegated by the President by proxy. The Coordinators are responsible for PSA’s global conduct, and for political, technical, strategic and administrative activities, together with coordination and technical staff contracted by the Coordinators.

Board of Directors
President: Rodrigo José de Sampaio Leite Filho
Vice President: Otávio Dantas de Carvalho
First Secretary: Marlucia de Abreu Maia Kowal
Second Secretary: Maria Ines Andaluz e Dias
Treasurer: Maisa Aparecida de Abreu Maia Cremonezi
Second Treasurer: Carlos Henrique Dantas de Carvalho

Effective Fiscal Councilors:
Américo Nesti Júnior
Sonia da Silva Lorenz
Márcia Ferreira Meireles

Substitute Fiscal Councilors:
Tomas Dantas de Carvalho
Livia Maria Scannavino de Carvalho
Lizandra Cristina Ferreira Luporin

To access the CEAPS statute, click here

As a non-profit institution, PSA relies on external funding to carry out its activities, mostly mobilized through projects supported by grants from donor institutions.

Its global action is the result of various cooperation agreements developed through interaction and partnership with counterparts. All of its financial and asset management is executed by the PSA Administrative Sector, with Sectorial Coordination responsible for executing agreements directly related to their respective programs.

In accordance with the Brazilian fiscal year (January to December), the financial reports, the rendering of accounts and the financial statements are updated and independently audited by a third party, to then be submitted to the CEAPS Board of Auditors and for approval from the partner’s General Assembly.

Annual Financial Audit Opinions

Annual Balance Sheets

Annual Reports

Know the PSA code of conduct, mission, values, ethical principles, standard conduct and procedures, control mechanisms and reporting channels:

General Coordination:
Caetano Scannavino Filho | Eugênio Scannavino Neto

  • Adriana Rodrigues Pontes (Administrative Coordinator)
  • Manoel Altamir de Sá Neves
  • Wander Luis Soares da Silva
  • Sebastião Alves dos Santos
  • Nelson Rodrigues Pontes
  • Juscelino Kubitschek Ferreira Fernandes
  • Glauce Oliveira Lima
  • Raissa Daiane Sousa Lira
  • Orlandino Sousa dos Santos 
  • Breno Calzavara
  • Douglas Carvalho 
  • Eugênio Scannavino ((Health Coordinator))
  • Fábio Tozzi
  • Marcela Pinheiro Brasil (Consultant)
  • Fábio Pena (Education, Culture and Communication Coordinator)
  • Paulo Lima (Coordinator of Social Projects / Community Networks)
  • Elis Lucien R. Barbosa
  • Walter Oliveira da Silva
  • Ana Daiane Lopes Costa
  • Livaldo Sarmento da Silva
  • Edna Reis Costa Araújo
  • Priscila Cotta (Communication Advisory / Community Networks)
  • Samela Bonfim (Communication Advisory / Community Networks)
  • Davide Pompermaier (Access to Water and Renewable Energies Coordinator)
  • Jussara Vanessa Salgado Batista
  • João Carlos Dombroski
  • Silvanei Rodrigues Correa
  • Valdemar Guimarães Paz
  • Daliane Lopes de Sousa
  • Laurimar Lopes
  • Moacir Imbiriba Rodrigues
  • Jair Dourado Lopes
  • Steve Mcqueen Fernando de Sousa
  • Rosivaldo Lopes Santos
  • Adailson Pereira Paz
  • Lenilza Farias
  • Paulo Silvano de Sousa Martins


  • Pioneers of the 21st Century – World Media.


  • Milton Santos Health and Environment Award – FIOCRUZ-OPAS.
  • Super Ecology Award – Superinteressante Magazine.
  • Citizenship Award – Innovative Social Experiences – IBRD, Solidary Community – UN.


  • Certified as Social Technology by Banco do Brasil Foundation


  • Youth Mobilization Stories National Contestl (NGO ARACATI and Kellogg Foundation).
  • Telemar Digital Inclusion Award
  • Listed on the Social Stock Exchange (Bovespa).


  • Yeomans Local Content Award – Open Knowledge – II World Summit on the Information Society (UN).
  • Ashoka Social Entrepreneur Award.
  • Community Income Generation Award – McKinsey & Company
  • Award for Social Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (Community Health Actions) – Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN).
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year – Folha de S. Paulo – Schwab Foundation.


  • Humanist of the Year Award – LatinTrade.
  • Casa Planet Award – Casa Cláudia magazine.
  • Stockholm Challenge Award (considered Nobel Prize of the Internet) – digital inclusion in the Amazon.
  • Award for best social health project – Seleções magazine.
  • Elected Angel of the Earth – Prince Albert II Mônaco Foundation.


  • World Citizenship Award – Defense of the Environment in Unified Community Actions – Bahá’í Community of Brazil.


  • Sustainable Stewart Award – Pamela Peeters Film Festival.


  • Dom Helder Câmara Medal – National Council of Health Departments.
  • Free Press Point Award – Ministry of Culture.


  • Social Inclusion Award – A Rede Magazine.



  • 4th Brazilian Object Award – conceived by A CASA Museum of the Brazilian Object through the Amazonian Artisanal Colors and Fibers Project.


  • Certification as leading organization in Innovation and Basic Education Creativity, from the Ministry of Education of the Federal Government.


  • Selected as one of 52 organizations among 300 competitors for Ambev’s VOA Program.
  • Elected one of the 100 best NGOs in Brazil by the Doar Institute.
  • Certificate of Good Management Practices by Ambev’s VOA Program.


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